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Reupholstery, recovering and repairs
Your existing sofas fit your room perfectly but the covers are becoming shabby. Reupholster in a fabric and design of your choice to transform your suite, bring it up
to date and make it unique. Your existing sofas are comfortable and well made – reupholster rather than choose a mass produced cheaply made suite which will soon
look shabby and become uncomfortable. Upcycling to protect the environment.  Landfill sites are swamped with old furniture. Reupholstering is becoming ever more
popular as older furniture tends to be made from wood of a higher quality. Last but not least Sentiment, furniture passed down through the ages, your fathers father
made it, your grandma was nursed in it and you dont want to lose that attachment For your peace of mind please speak to us as we can advise you as to the quality
of your furniture, advise on the condition of the frame, joints and foam.   Reupholstery is a craft which is both skilled and complex. All work comes with a 3 year
guarantee, If its a repir service we offer that too, no job too large or to small, please do get in touch
Steinhough is comitted to reducing harmful landfill, why not join us and contact us now

Traditional reupholstery
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